Veterans Health Care September 28, 2023

VA health care news you can use

There’s a lot going on in VA health care. Here are some of our latest stories about Veterans and for Veterans. Find out how to apply for VA health care benefits.

Veteran applies for health care enrollment

Post 9/11 Veterans: Enroll in VA care now

Are you a Veteran who deployed to a combat zone but never signed up for VA health care? If you left active duty between 9/11/01 and 10/1/13, you should sign up now -- the deadline is September 30, 2023.

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Veteran undergoes physical therapy.

You could have earlier access to physical therapy

Over 86 VA facilities now offer same-day physical therapy services for Veterans. Find out if yours is one of them.

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A woman sitting on a yoga ball.

Have a ball with yoga

Did you know yoga has been proven to reduce chronic low back pain and may improve symptoms of anxiety and insomnia? See the benefits for yourself in this 10-minute practice using a regular exercise ball.

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New Horizons in Health podcast host and guests

Exploring psychedelics for treatment of PTSD

Can psychedelic-assisted therapies treat Veterans with PTSD and other mental health conditions? Listen to this podcast to find out.

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