Veterans Health Care March 16, 2023

VA health care news you can use

There’s a lot going on in VA health care. Here are some of our latest stories about Veterans and for Veterans. Find out how to apply for VA health care benefits.

Graphic of a brain slipping on a banana peel

Common signs of brain health concerns

Sometimes forgetfulness can be a symptom of something else. Here's what to know about common signs of brain health concerns and the resources VA provides.

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female nurse with female patient

VA's "Close to Me" infusion care delivery service

VA created a service that provides anti-cancer therapy services to Veterans at three locations: clinics, mobile infusion units, and patient homes.

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Doctor conferring with male patient

Expanding contraception for
male Veterans

Dr. John De Caro noticed there was not a system in place that offers contraception options for men. And so he's doing something about it.

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Sundown background with Connecting Mind and Body for Whole Health text

Stay grounded with these techniques

Do you ever feel like everything around you is moving too fast? Grounding techniques can help you focus on the present moment and to feel less distracted or “all over the place.”

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