Veterans Health Care November 3, 2022

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FIT is a colorectal cancer screening test

Colorectal cancer screening is very important

VA offers multiple screening options, including a convenient, home-based fecal immunochemical test (FIT). Veterans 45-75 years old are strongly encouraged to talk to their VA provider about colorectal cancer screening.

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vasectomy spelled with Scrabble blocks

VA urologist encourages men to talk about contraception

"I want to help men understand their options in preventing unplanned pregnancies.” It’s time to close the gender gap in responsibility for contraception.

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Illustration of hands holding a drawing of a colon

Trust your gut

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can cause pain, cramping and bloating. If you're experiencing IBS symptoms, your VA health care provider can offer treatment options.

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lighthouse background with an overlay text that reads 5 minute stress management

You’re stronger than you think

Stress is all about how capable you think you are to meet the demands in your life. Take five minutes to relax with this stress management exercise.

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