Veterans Health Care July 7, 2022

Minimally invasive procedure helps regulate his heart

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Doctor with patient holding pacemaker

New pacemaker improves Veterans quality of life

Coast Guard Veteran, Robert Eikey is the first patient in the state of Texas to receive a new leadless pacemaker implant designed to regulate his heart.

“I woke up from the surgery and I felt amazing,” he said.

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text that reads connecting mind and body for whole health

Connecting the mind and body

How can your body help your mind? What role does your breath play? This 9-minute meditative practice can help answer
these questions.

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Doctor and patient having a conversation

Supporting Veterans at the point of care

A VA employee developed a Diversity and Inclusion Advocate program to ensure Veterans feel seen and heard at their point of care.

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hands reaching out with pills

Delivering the right antibiotic to Veterans

VA employees in Memphis VA kick-started a penicillin skin test, to determine whether Veterans are receiving the best possible care when it comes to penicillin allergies.

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