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080919 Top Photo

TOP PHOTO: VA volunteers and the Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley teamed up for the fourth annual "Free Produce Distribution Drive-thru" held at the VA outpatient clinic in McAllen, Texas. Overall, 279 families received more than 12,100 pounds of food.

This event is a great example of how VA is making the lives of Veterans better by partnering with local communities and organizations.

Photo by Luis H. Loza Gutierrez



Patient and Doctor

VA has cured 100,000 Veterans of Hepatitis C

VA has reached a significant milestone in curing more than 100,000 Veterans of chronic hepatitis C virus infection (HCV), establishing VA as a global leader in the diagnosis and treatment of HCV. READ MORE

Six medical careers perfect for Veterans

From nursing assistant to physical therapist, these six VA careers are perfect for transitioning military personnel.



VA Careers in Medical Field

Veteran with spinal cord injury regains mobility with exoskeleton

Veteran Tim Conner is the first patient at Tampa VA Medical Center to be issued his own robotic exoskeleton, which helps him stand and walk again in spite of a spinal cord injury. 




Tim Conner

Charleston Veteran battles chronic pain, finds recovery, family

Army Veteran Darryl Gadsden battled chronic pain, but now practices yoga as part of his alternative therapy treatments for pain management.



Darryl Gadsden

Borne the Battle 

BTB 157

This week’s Borne the Battle interview is with Army Veteran Ursula Draper, who developed VA's Assistive Technology Program in 2010.

Since some Veterans have multiple traumas, known as polytrauma, VA dedicates resources to help them with very complex issues. In this episode, Draper talks about some of the specific technologies VA has developed to help Veterans.

Listen to the entire episode here: Borne the Battle #157




MTC Vietnam

After serving in the Marines in Vietnam, Leon started isolating himself from his family. When he found a book describing symptoms of PTSD, he realized that he needed to get help. Find out how therapy helped Leon open up about his experiences and find relief.


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