If you're planning to leave the service in 2019...

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If you're planning to leave the service in 2019, don’t miss out on your VA benefits.

Eligible transitioning service members may be able to:

  • Find peace of mind with VA life insurance.
    • With Veterans’ Group Life Insurance, you can convert your active duty Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance into lifetime renewable group insurance.
    • Veterans must apply within one year and 120 days of leaving service.
  • File a claim with VA disability compensation.
    • Using VA’s Decision Ready Claims Program, transitioning service members can file pre-discharge claims if they have less than 90 days before their separation from military service.
    • Veterans who have disabilities, medical conditions or injuries incurred or intensified during active military service may qualify to receive tax-free monthly benefits.
  • Take control of your well-being with VA health care.
    • VA’s comprehensive medical benefits package includes primary care, specialty care, mental health services and more.
    • Eligible combat Veterans have free medical care – no enrollment fee, monthly premiums or deductibles – and free medications for any condition that may be related to service. This extended eligibility for health care lasts five years from the date of discharge or release.

Visit Explore.VA.gov to take the Benefits Navigator quiz and find out which benefits you may qualify for, or check out all VA benefits by clicking the button below.



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