Combined Force Captures Haqqani Shadow Governor

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

WASHINGTON, Nov. 5, 2010 - An Afghan and coalition security force captured the Haqqani terrorist network's shadow governor for the Spera district of Afghanistan's Khost province during an intelligence-driven overnight operation, military officials reported.

The shadow governor coordinates the facilitation of foreign fighters from Pakistan, and he coordinates and conducts ambush attacks in the district, officials said.

In other news from Afghanistan:

-- A combined Afghan and International Security Assistance Force patrol killed an insurgent during an operation in Kandahar province's Shah Wali Kot district yesterday. The armed insurgent was killed when he presented a threat as the patrol was searching a village, where they found and destroyed bomb-making materials, a small amount of wet opium and an assault rifle with associated ammunition.

-- An Afghan and coalition security force captured a Haqqani facilitator responsible for the movement of bomb components and the planting of roadside bombs throughout Khost province's Sabari district in an overnight intelligence-driven operation. The security force also detained several of the facilitator's associates and found automatic weapons at the scene.

-- A combined security force targeting a Haqqani leader who coordinates attacks against Afghan and coalition forces and leads a group of fighters detained two suspected insurgents during an intelligence-driven overnight operation in Paktika province's Nikeh district. The security force also found automatic weapons at the scene.

-- In Ghazni province overnight, a combined security force targeting a Taliban facilitator, detained several suspected insurgents during an intelligence-driven operation.

-- A partnered Afghan and coalition force targeting a senior Taliban leader in charge of a roadside-bomb cell in the Kandahar City area detained three suspected insurgents during an overnight operation in Kandahar province.

-- An Afghan and ISAF patrol arrested an insurgent leader wanted on an Afghan government warrant yesterday in Parwan province's Charikar district in an operation aided by intelligence information and tips from local residents. He allegedly directs cells of about 40 fighters who attack Afghan and ISAF forces for the Hezb-E Islami Gulbunnin terrorist group. He also is responsible for the planning, coordination and execution of mortar attacks on Bagram Airfield. Several automatic weapons, associated ammunition, grenades and communication devices were found in a search of his residence.

-- ISAF officials confirmed that Faiz Mohammad, a senior Haqqani leader who coordinated and conducted attacks against Afghan and coalition forces, was killed as he planted a roadside bomb in Khost province Nov. 3. Officials also confirmed the death of Haji Malang, a Taliban leader, during a Nov. 2 operation to detain him in Helmand province's Nad-e Ali district.

Afghan and coalition forces protected any women and children present during the operations, officials said.

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