Officials in Afghanistan Provide Details of Operations

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

WASHINGTON, Nov. 1, 2010 - International Security Assistance Force Joint Command officials have provided details of numerous recent operations around Afghanistan.

Afghan and coalition forces protected any women and children present during the operations, officials said.

An Afghan and coalition security force killed Zubair, a Haqqani terrorist network facilitator responsible for the movement of weapons and bomb-making materials for distribution to foreign fighters and Haqqani networks in the area during an overnight operation in Paktia province Oct. 30. Shabudin and Ibrahim, two other senior Haqqani leaders in the area, also were among those killed during the operation, officials said. Intelligence tips led the partnered force to a remote compound in the province's Dzadran district, where they encountered several armed insurgents in established fighting positions. The security force killed more than five enemy fighters throughout the operation, officials said, and detained several suspected insurgents.

-- Afghan and ISAF forces killed numerous insurgents protecting a Taliban transnational shipment and storage site in the Reg-e Khan Neshin district of Helmand province over the weekend. Upon arriving at the suspected Taliban logistical hub Oct. 30, the partnered force immediately was engaged with small-arms fire from several insurgent positions. Heavy fighting ensued, as the insurgents used small-arms weapons and makeshift bombs against the combined force. The security force engaged the insurgents using coordinated ground and air assets to advance and clear the positions. Throughout the day, night and into the next morning, the combined force cleared the area, meeting pockets of armed insurgent resistance and numerous bombs. More than 15 insurgents were killed and accounted for, officials said, and numerous other dead and wounded insurgents were taken away from insurgent firing positions before the vacated insurgent positions were cleared. The security force found and destroyed an explosives factory with about 23.7 metric tons of ammonium nitrate a banned fertilizer used to build bombs -- as well as numerous artillery shells, 78 homemade bombs, 500 liters of acid, more than 80 pounds of opium, more than 2 tons of chemicals, and numerous automatic weapons and assorted ammunition.

-- An Afghan and coalition security force captured a Taliban bomb-component facilitator and a suspected associate during an overnight operation in Kandahar province. Intelligence tips led the force to a compound in the province's Kandahar district to search for the facilitator, who also is active in the Panjwai district and in the Malajat area of Kandahar City.

An Afghan security force, backed by coalition forces, captured a Haqqani facilitator in charge of coordinating the acquisition of roadside bombs and providing specialized support for insurgent attacks conducted in Khost province's Terayzai district during an overnight intelligence-driven operation. The security force found bomb-making materials at the scene.

-- A combined security force targeting a senior Haqqani leader responsible for planning and coordinating attacks on the Sperah District Center detained two suspected insurgents during an overnight intelligence-driven operation in Paktika province.

-- A partnered Afghan and ISAF patrol found and destroyed a cache of ammonium nitrate and related explosive-mixing chemicals in Kandahar province's Naveh district yesterday.

-- Afghan and coalition forces in Paktika province's Bermel district are continuing their assessment of a failed Oct. 30 insurgent attack on Combat Outpost Margah. The combined forces are in the process of searching four separate direct-fire and attack-helicopter-engagement areas where insurgents attempted to surround the outpost in a failed attempt to overrun the base, officials said. So far, the combined forces have confirmed 38 insurgents were killed, and estimated that more than 40 additional enemy fighters were killed, based on coalition helicopter camera footage in the areas where ground forces have not yet conducted an assessment. Wounded enemy fighters were recovered from the engagement area and treated by coalition medical personnel.

-- ISAF officials confirmed that Abdullah Kakar, a senior Taliban leader who planned attacks against Afghan and coalition forces and facilitated the movement of foreign fighters, was killed during an Oct. 27 precision air strike in Zabul province. Kakar was killed as he showed subordinate Taliban leadership his newly acquired anti-aircraft heavy machine gun, which was mounted on the back of his vehicle, officials said. Based on information from intelligence sources, coalition forces tracked him to the province's Shah Joy district. After verifying insurgent activity and ensuring no civilians were present, coalition forces conducted the precision air strike on the vehicle, destroying it and killing Kakar, along with one of his associates.

-- Afghan and coalition forces detained several suspected insurgents Oct. 30 while searching for the Taliban district leader for Helmand province's Garm Ser district, who also leads a roadside-bomb cell. In Ghazni province's Ghazni district Oct. 30, a combined force detained a suspected insurgent during an operation targeting a Taliban bomb-attack facilitator.

-- ISAF officials confirmed the capture during an intelligence-driven Oct. 29 operation in Helmand's Nad-e Ali district of a senior Taliban leader who planned and coordinated attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. Several of his associates also were detained in the operation.

-- Multiple intelligence sources and tips from local residents led Afghan and ISAF forces to the location of a Taliban leader in an insurgent safe house in Wardak province's Maidan Shahr district Oct. 29. The targeted compound is known to be associated with a Taliban leader and facilitator who directs the planning and execution of attacks against Afghan and ISAF forces in and around the province's Nerkh district. The security force detained the Taliban leader and one associate.

-- Afghan and ISAF forces defeated an insurgent attack while building a security checkpoint in Kapisa province's Tagab district Oct. 29. The combined force was attacked by numerous insurgents from several positions with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades as they were building the checkpoint with local officials. The security force engaged the insurgents in a firefight lasting several hours. An air weapons team supported the security force with aerial suppression of the insurgent firing positions. Several insurgents were killed, and many more were wounded from the ground and air, officials said. After taking numerous casualties, the insurgents withdrew, taking the dead and wounded with them. The combined security force then met with local leaders, and initial reporting indicated there were no civilian casualties, officials said.

-- A coalition force conducting a mounted patrol in Helmand province killed more than 10 insurgents and discovered bomb-making materials during combat operations early Oct. 30. While conducting the patrol in the province's Reg-e Khan Neshin district, the coalition force came under small-arms fire. After positively identifying several groups of armed insurgents, the coalition force returned fire with small arms, 25 mm rounds and anti-tank missiles. The patrol also found and destroyed bomb components and a drug cache.

Afghan and ISAF forces began a clearing operation in the southern Helmand town of Bahram Chah on Oct. 30. The area is a Taliban command and control area that consists of narcotics trafficking, weapons and ammunition storage, improvised explosive device factories, and foreign fighter training areas, Regional Command Southwest officials said.

An Afghan and coalition patrol found a large cache of bomb-making materials during an Oct. 29 operation in Helmand's Sangin district.

An Afghan and coalition security force targeting a Taliban senior leader who plans and coordinates attacks against Afghan and coalition forces detained several suspected insurgents during an overnight operation Oct. 30 in Helmand province's Nad-e Ali district.

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