Combined Force Kills Insurgent in Paktia Province

From an International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Release

The Haqqani leader also engages in weapons trafficking investigates insurgent activity for senior insurgent leadership.

During the operation, a group of insurgents opened fire on the security force. The security force returned fire, killing one insurgent. The security force also seized two assault rifles, three fragmentation grenades, eight magazines and ammunition.

Also today, a combined force in Helmand province's Nahr-e Saraj district arrested a senior Taliban leader who plans, coordinates and executes attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. He also facilitates the movement of weapons and relays operational information to insurgent leadership.

In Afghanistan operations yesterday:

-- A combined force in Balkh province's Chimtal district killed senior Taliban leader Shah Gul, who had controlled a group responsible for attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. He was involved in kidnappings, weapons procurement and distribution, and collecting illegal taxes to fund insurgent activities.

-- In Nuristan province's Waygal district, a combined force wounded an insurgent during a search for the district's top Taliban military official. He is responsible for facilitating the movement of al-Qaida terrorists, erecting and enforcing illegal checkpoints, kidnapping Afghan officials and leading attacks against Afghan and coalition forces.

-- Afghan and coalition special operations forces in Ghazni province's Deh Yak district killed a Taliban leader who was responsible for 20 insurgents and had been facilitating attacks. Six insurgents were detained.

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