Paktika Operation Leaves Enemy Fighters Dead

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

WASHINGTON, Oct. 20, 2010 - An overnight operation targeting a Haqqani terrorist network facilitator in Afghanistan's Paktika province left more than 10 enemy fighters dead, military officials reported.

The targeted facilitator is responsible for handling logistical requirements in the province's Ziruk district, officials said.

Based on intelligence tips, a combined Afghan and coalition security force targeted a series of compounds in search of the Haqqani facilitator. After questioning people at the scene, the security force detained several suspected insurgents.

During the operation, coalition aircraft identified and killed groups of armed insurgents as they maneuvered from an enemy camp toward the security force.

Also overnight, an Afghan and coalition security force targeting a Taliban senior leader and key financier operating in Helmand province's Marja district detained several suspected insurgents. The targeted individual plans and conducts ambush attacks against Afghan and coalition forces and handles financing for insurgents operating in the district, officials said.

Intelligence information led the security force to a remote compound in the province's Washer district to search for the targeted man. While clearing the compound, the security force killed a man when he performed a threatening action.

The security force also discovered more than 1,800 pounds of urea nitrate and copper wire -- components that can be used to create roadside bombs -- and 50 pounds of wet opium.

In Helmand's Shah Wali Kot district yesterday, a partnered Afghan and coalition force acting on intelligence information and tips from local residents went to a compound where insurgents were operating and detained several suspects.

The security force killed two armed insurgents who fired on the approaching patrol. A machine gun and a pistol were found in the vicinity. The combine force found and destroyed several weapons and associated ammunition found at the scene.

In Baghlan province yesterday, coalition forces conducted a precision airstrike targeting a senior Taliban military leader who conducts attacks against Afghan and coalition forces and intimidation campaigns targeting Afghan civilians and government officials. The military leader has worked with the Taliban shadow governor for the province's Burkah district and was the Taliban leader in the Baghlan-e Jadid district before being forced by coalition forces to relocate, officials said.

Based on intelligence sources, coalition forces tracked a group of insurgents armed with rocket-propelled grenades to a remote area in the Burkah district. After verifying insurgent activity and carefully planning to avoid civilian casualties, coalition forces conducted the airstrike.

The security force was unable to conduct an immediate ground assessment, officials said, but initial reports indicate several insurgents were killed. International Security Assistance Force officials said they still are gathering information to confirm the reports and to determine whether the targeted individual was among those killed.

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