Combined Force Arrests Taliban Bomb Facilitator

From an International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Release

KABUL, Afghanistan, Nov. 15, 2012 - A combined Afghan and coalition security force in Afghanistan's Kandahar province today arrested a Taliban leader suspected of distributing bomb components to insurgents and facilitating ambushes and attacks, military officials reported.

The security force also detained several other suspected insurgents, officials said.

In other Afghanistan operations today:

-- A combined force in Nangarhar province arrested a Taliban weapons, ammunition and suicide-attack facilitator suspected of resourcing and delivering lethal aid to insurgents. The security force also detained several other suspected insurgents and seized grenades and firearms.

-- Afghan and coalition forces killed two insurgents engaged in threatening activity in Ghazni province.

-- In Farah province, an Afghan provincial response company, enabled by coalition forces, detained several suspected insurgents and seized and destroyed more than 100 pounds of opium, two assault rifles, ammunition and rocket-propelled grenades.

In operations yesterday:

-- Afghan and coalition forces in Helmand province arrested a Taliban explosives expert believed to have acquired, built and distributed dozens of improvised explosive devices to insurgents. The security force also detained several other suspected insurgents.

-- A combined force, acting on a tip, found and removed eight IEDs in Kandahar province.

-- In Kandahar province, combined forces seized and destroyed two opium presses and chemicals and equipment used in making explosives.

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