Coalition Force Finds Opium Cache

From an International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Release

KABUL, Afghanistan, March 22, 2012 - A coalition security force found 1,300 pounds of opium in the Nad-e Ali district of Afghanistan's Helmand province today, military officials reported.

The security force seized a small quantity of the opium for examination and destroyed the rest, officials said.

In Afghanistan operations yesterday:

-- In the Maiwand district of Kandahar province, an Afghan-led and coalition-supported force arrested an insurgent leader who directed insurgent fighters and planted roadside bombs. The security force detained several other suspected insurgents and found bomb-making materials in the operation.

-- An Afghan-led and coalition-supported force killed an insurgent leader who fired on them in the Deh Rawood district of Uruzgan province. The insurgent leader was an IED facilitator responsible for numerous attacks on Afghan and coalition forces in the area. During the operation the insurgent leader attempted to fire on the combined force. The security force detained several suspected insurgents.

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