Partnered Force Kills Haqqani Terrorist

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, March 24, 2011 - A partnered Afghan and coalition security force acting on intelligence information killed a Haqqani terrorist network facilitator and captured another in the Sabari district of Afghanistan's Khost province today, military officials reported.

The terrorists were responsible for planning and carrying out roadside-bomb attacks against civilians and Afghan and coalition forces. The man who was captured also was responsible for indirect-fire attacks throughout the district. He was wounded in the encounter and was detained at a coalition forward operating base, where he had been taken for treatment.

Intelligence reports led the security force to the location of the two Haqqani facilitators. During the operation, the two Haqqani facilitators attempted to flee the area. One engaged the force while fleeing and the security force returned fire, killing him.

In other operations in Afghanistan today:

-- Acting on tips, an Afghan and coalition security force seeking an Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan terrorist organization leader in Samangan province's Dara Soof Payan district detained several suspected insurgents. The wanted man is responsible for attacks targeting Afghan civilians and Afghan and coalition security forces and is involved in the construction, facilitation and employment of roadside bombs in the province. Security forces found and destroyed an assault rifle, a pistol and a variety of ammunition.

-- An Afghan and coalition security force captured a Taliban bomb-attack facilitator in Kandahar province's Dand district in an intelligence-driven operation.

-- Acting on tips from civilians, a partnered Afghan and coalition force seeking another Taliban bombing cell leader in Kandahar detained several suspected insurgents.

-- In Zabul province's Qalat district, Afghan and coalition forces seeking a Taliban bombing cell leader detained a suspected insurgent in an operation based on civilian tips. In addition to building Taliban bombs, the wanted man reportedly coordinates the harassment of local people who don't support the Taliban.

In operations yesterday:

-- Coalition forces conducted a precision airstrike targeting a Haqqani network leader, killing two insurgents and wounding one in Khost province's Terayzai district. The Haqqani leader is involved in the supply of weapons, ammunition, and vehicles to Haqqani operatives and participates in attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. Just before the weapon struck the terrorists' vehicle, an unassociated civilian vehicle and two pedestrians appeared. After the strike, the civilian vehicle came to a stop and seven passengers were seen walking away. Afghan forces spoke with the driver, who said no one in his vehicle was injured. Efforts are under way to determine the pedestrians' status, officials said.

-- An International Security Assistance Force patrol killed numerous insurgents setting up a rocket and mortar position in a known firing location in Helmand province's Reg-e Khan Neshin district.

-Also in Helmand two insurgents were killed when they engaged coalition forces during separate clearing operations in Sangin and Nahr-e Saraj districts.

-- In Helmand's Sangin district, an airstrike killed several insurgents who engaged a partnered Afghan and coalition force with small-arms fire.

-- An air weapons team supporting ground forces killed an insurgent sniper in Helmand's Nahr-e Saraj district.

-- ISAF patrol in Helmand's in Reg-e Khan Neshin district engaged an enemy position with small-arms and artillery fire, killing several armed insurgents and forcing others to flee.

-- Afghan and ISAF forces in Helmand and Kandahar provinces found enemy weapons stockpiles that included assorted weapons, ammunition and bomb-making materials.

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