ISAF Troops Kill Insurgents in Helmand

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

WASHINGTON, March 17, 2011 - International Security Assistance Force troops killed more than 30 insurgents in an ongoing offensive operation in the Reg-e Khan Neshin district of Afghanistan's Helmand province during the past two days, military officials reported.

The ongoing operation is focused on disrupting the insurgents' ability to traffic narcotics and weapons, as well as destroying enemy bomb-making facilities, officials said, noting that no injuries to civilians or property damage have been reported in connection with the operation.

In operations around Afghanistan yesterday:

-- Coalition forces killed more than 10 suspected insurgents in Kunar province's Shigal wa Sheltan district after spotting them with weapons near a combat outpost.

-- In Wardak province's Jaghatu district, Afghan and coalition forces acting on intelligence reports captured a Taliban leader who operated in southern Sayed Abad district who was living in a building historically associated with foreign-fighter facilitation.

-- Afghan and coalition forces in Khost province's Sabari district captured a Haqqani terrorist network leader and detained two other suspected insurgents in an intelligence-driven operation. The leader provided financial, media, and logistical support to the network. He operated in Terayzai district and was responsible for acquiring weapons, suicide-vest bombs and financial support for the network's operations.

-- Also in Khost's Sabari district, Afghan and coalition forces searching for a Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin terrorist group leader detained three suspected insurgents. The leader is responsible for about 50 fighters and facilitators in the district. He helps to build roadside bombs and sells them to other insurgents, and he transports foreign fighters across the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and facilitates their movement throughout Khost province.

-- ISAF forces killed several armed insurgents during an offensive operation early this morning in Kunar province's Shigal wa Sheltan district. Coalition forces called in air support after seeing armed insurgents at two locations moving into fighting positions. An air weapons team killed the insurgents.

In March 15 operations:

-- Afghan and coalition forces killed several insurgents in Helmand's Kajaki and Musa Qalah districts after radio communications revealed they were planning an attack on Afghan and coalition security forces.

-- Afghan and coalition forces in Kandahar, Helmand and Ghazni provinces found various drugs, weapons and bomb-making materials.

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