Forces in Afghanistan Capture Haqqani Terrorist

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

WASHINGTON, March 15, 2011 - Acting on intelligence reports, Afghan and coalition forces captured a Haqqani terrorist network facilitator and detained two other suspected insurgents in the Khost district of Afghanistan's Khost province yesterday, military officials reported.

The facilitator provided financial, media and logistical support to the network and recently coordinated the delivery of roadside bombs for an upcoming attack, officials said.

In other operations around Afghanistan yesterday:

-- Afghan and coalition forces acting on intelligence information in Zabul province's Shajoy district captured a Taliban leader responsible for roadside-bomb activity.

-- In Helmand province's Kajaki district, a coalition patrol killed four insurgents after seeing them setting up firing positions.

-- In Helmand's Nahr-e Sarij district, a coalition patrol found an enemy stockpile consisting of seven pressure plates, 11 saw blades, 10 metal pieces, five metal cylinders, three foam pieces, two carbon rods, three rifle tail fins, a rifle propellant, a bag of explosives, four anti-personnel mines, two rocket fuses, 10 bags of shrapnel, a bag of propellant, three jugs of adhesive and two hacksaws.

-- A coalition patrol in Kandahar province's Spin Boldak district found 10,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate -- a banned fertilizer used in making roadside bombs -- as well as six complete roadside bombs, 10 pressure plates and 300 feet of detonation cord.

-- Acting on intelligence information, Afghan and coalition forces in Logar province's Charkh district captured a Taliban member involved in a bomb-attack network. He was directly involved in booby-trapping a house with explosives in the Charkh Bazaar on Feb. 28, officials said.

-- In Paktia province's Zormat district and Khost province's Khost district, Afghan and coalition forces searching for Haqqani network facilitators detained several suspected insurgents.

-- Several insurgents were killed after attacking a coalition patrol in Helmand's Reg-e Khan Neshin district.

-- Afghan and coalition forces in Helmand's Nahr-e Saraj district found five 150 mm shells linked to a pressure plate, two high-explosive rounds and two 107 mm rockets.

-- In Kapisa province's Tagab district, a combined Afghan and coalition patrol found 103 9 mm rounds, 30 hand grenades, a bayonet, 257 7.62 mm rounds, two combat jackets and various handguns.

-- Afghan and coalition in Kabul province's Musahi district found 100 rocket-propelled grenades.

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