Forces in Afghanistan Target Taliban, Haqqani Leaders

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

WASHINGTON, Jan. 13, 2011 - Coalition and Afghan forces continued to target Taliban and Haqqani terrorist network operatives in operations conducted yesterday around Afghanistan, military officials reported.

-- Partnered Afghan and coalition forces acting on intelligence information in Nangarhar province's Behsud district detained a Taliban facilitator who coordinated the travel of foreign fighters into Kunar province from Pakistan. He was responsible for conducting attacks against Afghan government officials and coalition forces, and he reportedly facilitated roadside bomb placement in the province.

-- Afghan and coalition forces looking for a Haqqani network leader in Khost province's Bak district detained numerous suspected combatants and killed two armed combatants. In addition to operating in Bak and Terayzai districts, the Haqqani leader is responsible for coordinating and conducting attacks against coalition forces, officials said, he provides reports to senior Haqqani leaders on his network's activities as well as on Afghan and coalition forces. Security forces recovered a machine gun with 800 rounds, multiple rifles, a complete mortar system with a round, a pistol and ammunition

-- In Helmand province's Garm Ser district, Afghan and coalition forces targeting a Taliban facilitator who operates in Durzay village detained several suspected insurgents. The Taliban facilitator has direct contact with Taliban leaders in the area, officials said, and provides reports on Taliban attacks and information on coalition forces' movements to Taliban leaders in Pakistan. He also is involved with opium processing and trafficking to finance insurgent operations. Officials said he reportedly planted devices in the village to protect himself from Afghan and coalition missions targeting him.

In other news, International Security Assistance Force officials confirmed a Taliban leader was detained during an Afghan and coalition operation in Kandahar province's Panjwai district Jan. 5. The Taliban leader is responsible for roadside-bomb attacks against Afghan and coalition forces and insurgent weapons facilitation in the province's Panjwai, Dand and Zharay districts, officials said.

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