Afghan, Coalition Forces Detain Taliban Leader

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

WASHINGTON, Dec. 2, 2010 - Afghan and coalition forces last night captured an alleged bomb and weapons facilitator in Afghanistan's Wardak province, military officials reported.

The Taliban leader was targeted for kidnapping and ransoming local residents in the province's Sayyidabad district. Intelligence reports led security forces to his location, and he and an associate were detained without incident.

Also last night, Afghan and coalition forces detained several suspected insurgents in southern Afghanistan's Helmand and Ghazni provinces. Security forces were targeting Taliban leadership in region. The Ghazni operation also resulted in discovery of bomb-making materials.

In operations yesterday:

-- In Helmand province's Sangin district, an Afghan and coalition airstrike killed two armed insurgents with ties to a local Taliban leader. Tips from nearby residents led security forces to his location. The targeted Taliban leader allegedly was responsible for coordinating and carrying out bombing attacks against security forces, as well as intimidating local residents, officials said.

-- In Uruzgan province's Shahid-e Hasas district, Afghan and coalition troops killed a district-level Taliban leader who led 175 fighters and has coordinated and participated in numerous attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. He also directed and engaged in intimidation activities, ordering murders and beatings of local residents who supported Afghanistan's new government, officials said. He was killed after he engaged the security forces with small-arms fire.

-- Afghan and coalition forces killed an armed insurgent in Kandahar province's Shah Wali Kot district. Security forces were searching an area associated with insurgent activity when the insurgent brandished a weapon at the troops. He was killed immediately. Troops also found a weapons cache of machine guns and assault rifles with ammunition.

-- Also in Uruzgan province, security forces detained three people, one of whom reportedly is known for building and planting roadside bombs. The operation took place in the Chorah district.

-- Afghan and coalition forces found a number of weapons caches in separate operations throughout southern and eastern Afghanistan. In Kandahar province, troops discovered more than 6,500 rounds of small-arms ammunition, more than 60 rocket-propelled grenades with two launchers, 40 various rockets and mortars and 75 pounds of shrapnel and other bomb-making materials. In Khost province, troops found more than 1,700 rounds of small-arms ammunition, 14 rocket-propelled grenades and five assault rifles. An operation in Helmand province netted eight .50-caliber sniper rifles with 300 round of ammunition, officials said.

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