Afghan, Coalition Forces Detain Insurgents, Find Caches

Afghan, Coalition Forces Detain Insurgents, Find Caches
Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

WASHINGTON, Nov. 22, 2010 - Afghan and coalition forces detained several insurgents, found weapons and uncovered drug caches during operations today in southern and eastern Afghanistan, military officials reported.

Forces detained the suspect during a combined foot patrol in Kapisa province, just north of Kabul. He is believed to be involved in a cache of rocket-propelled grenades, rifles and money recently found in the province's Tagab district.

Additional caches were found in Helmand province's Sangin and Marjeh districts. Bomb-making materials, including several mortar rounds, pressure plates, rifles, small-arms munitions and 120 pounds of ammonium nitrate were taken into coalition custody to be destroyed. The patrols also confiscated more than 800 pounds of marijuana and three pounds of opium.

In operations last night:

-- Combined Afghan and coalition forces in Paktiya province killed two suspected Taliban members after the two threatened them when they arrived to search a compound in the Zurmat district. One of the two armed men was Fared Gul, who is believed responsible for roadside bombs and ambushes on coalition convoys and aircraft, officials reported. The force detained several other suspects and destroyed multiple weapons caches in place.

In operations yesterday:

-- In Helmand province, combined forces captured several suspected militants, including two alleged Taliban leaders. One was detained in the Now Zad district and is believed responsible for coordinating direct- and indirect-fire attacks and roadside bombings on Afghan and coalition troops. The second man was captured in the Lashkar Gah district and allegedly is linked to a bombing cell in Kandahar.

-- In Khost province, Afghan and coalition forces in multiple operations detained numerous suspects allegedly connected to a Haqqani Network improvised explosive device cell.

-- In Kandahar province, combined forces seized nearly 1,000 pounds of opium in the Maiwand district during a vehicle interdiction operation. Multiple intelligence reports from local residents led to the operation.

In operations Nov. 20:

-- Afghan and coalition forces killed a Taliban leader in Farah province's Bakwah district. Mullah Hafiz Janan was the district's shadow governor and known for trafficking, training and supporting foreign fighters. Janan and an associate were shot and killed after threatening the coalition force with small-arms. Several other suspected insurgents were detained.

-- Another Taliban leader responsible for roadside bomb and small-arms attacks on coalition and Afghan troops was captured during an operation in Logar province's Baraki Barak district. The man was detained after a coalition airstrike on his location left him and several other suspected insurgents wounded. One militant was killed during the airstrike.

-- Combined forces killed one insurgent and wounded three others during an airstrike in Baraki Barak that targeted a Taliban leader responsible for roadside bombs and other attacks on coalition forces in the region. The wounded insurgents were taken to coalition facilities for medical attention, officials said.

-- Combined forces killed numerous insurgents during a firefight in Helmand's Sangin district. The coalition patrol was pinned down by small-arms fire and called for artillery and close-air support. Artillery fire took out the enemy positions. Coalition forces continued their patrol, but were attacked again. Aviation assets engaged the insurgent force, officials said.

-- In Helmand's Garm Ser district, combined forces seized more than 2,200 pounds of opium during a vehicle-interdiction operation. Tips from local residents led to the operation.

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