Be aware and report genetic test and fraudulent billing scams.

OIG Fraud Alert

The VA Office of Inspector General asks you to report potential scams involving genetic tests not ordered by VA clinicians or medically necessary.

Veterans should report...

  • offers of free or low-cost genetic testing from solicitors claiming VA affiliation;
  • genetic or other test kits by mail not prescribed by an assigned VA physician;
  • requests for personal, medical, and financial information for testing;
  • explanation of benefits letters indicating VA was billed for testing not received; and
  • offers of incentives or kickbacks for participating in genetic testing or convincing their VA or community providers to authorize it.

Bottom Line: Veterans’ genetic testing should result from a finding of need by their physicians.

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VA Is Billed for Care Veterans Did Not Receive.

The VA Office of Inspector General asks you to be aware that VA may be billed for unreceived home healthcare or other veteran services as part of a fraud scheme.

Know the signs...

  • The explanations of benefits sent to veterans or bills include services
    the veteran did not receive,
  • by a different or unknown care provider, or
  • with the incorrect dates (sometimes the duration extends 24 hours or when the veteran was unavailable or even deceased).

Also, be aware of unsolicited offers to veterans for healthcare services, particularly when promised an incentive (kickback) for acceptance. These are often followed by a bill or explanation of benefits indicating services were received, when they

For billing questions, contact the Veterans Health Administration Office of Integrated Veteran Care customer service call center at (877) 881-7618.

Submit a complaint.


See attached/linked flyer for more details.

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