Veterans Health Care September 1, 2022

What it is, how it spreads, and what VA is doing

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There’s a lot going on in VA health care. Here are some of our latest stories about Veterans and for Veterans. Find out how to apply for VA health care benefits.

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Everything you need to know about monkeypox

What it is, how it spreads, and what VA is doing about it. 

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VA therapies relieve depression symptoms

All Veterans deserve to live their best lives. VA offers a variety of therapies to help with mental health concerns, including depression.

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A family on the beach in Hawaii

Navy Veteran's final wish: visit Pearl Harbor

With a life expectancy of just six months, Navy Veteran Joseph Teeny fulfilled his final dream of visiting Pearl Harbor with his family.

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Relationships and mindfulness

Being mindful supports healthy connections. Here's a 5-minute appreciation practice that will help you connect with your own surroundings and relationships.

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