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Do you have a disability, medical condition or injury incurred or aggravated during active military service? You may be eligible for tax-free disability compensation.

VA’s Decision Ready Claims (DRC) program allows you to expedite your claim and have an answer within 30 days of when VA receives it.

To submit a DRC, you should:

  1. Work on the submission with an accredited Veteran Service Organization (VSO).
  2. Gather the required supporting evidence, such as military service records and medical exams.
  3. Attend a VA claim exam, if needed, before submitting your claim.

In addition to claims for increases, DRC covers certain claims related to direct service, presumptive service and secondary service connections. Surviving spouses can file certain claims under DRC and transitioning service members can use it to file pre-discharge claims less than 90 days from leaving the military.

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